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Hello! I am a channel and energy worker who joined the Hucolo family at the 2018 Ascension Workshop. There, I was blessed to receive the gift of channeling, and I have since dedicated myself to spiritual development in the service of God. With much gratitude to the mentorship of several wonderful teachers, I am honored to now regularly channel beings from many realms and collectives as I am called to bring through their messages, energy, and healing. I am also a certified practitioner/teacher of Galactic Energy Healing, with a dedication to the practice of entity/negativity removal and protective energy work. Of the beings I channel, I have an especially deep energetic relationship with Ra. At this important time in our ascension, the message he brings forward most strongly is the imperative of self empowerment. Ra comes forth with teachings about the nature of the human consciousness and its programming. As we open ourselves further to this understanding, we will receive the tools and support to wield and master even more greatly the divine power within each of us. May the love and light of God be with all of you!

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